Gateway Communities are vital links connecting Americans with our nation’s legacy of natural and cultural resources.  Communities adjacent to public lands are vital partners in a relationship that both influence the sustainability of these lands, and simultaneously, the vitality of these unique communities.

Agency actions dramatically impact gateway communities, businesses, and the natural and cultural resources that shape the economic, social and environmental context of these communities.   Policy and management decisions of public land agencies often significantly impacts communities located in and adjacent to these important American landscapes.  Watershed conditions, wild land fire and hazardous fuel conditions, facility infrastructure decisions and investment all influence the health and viability of America’s gateway communities.
The National Association of Gateway Communities (NAGC) is a membership organization with pending nonprofit status.  The association will offer a broad variety of services and resources to member communities and associates.

News Updates

U.S. Forest Service launches collaborative process for new planning rule
The USDA Forest Service recently announced a new open collaborative process to create and implement a planning rule to address current and future needs of the National Forest System, including restoring forests, protecting watersheds, addressing climate change, sustaining local economies, improving collaboration and working across landscapes.

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